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Vet Care Shows You Care

If you care for your pet, and we know you do, then it is important to also allow a veterinarian to care for them. Your vet is the one who can provide vaccines, check your pet for ongoing conditions like arthritis and parasitic infections, and recommend medications to treat fleas and ticks. Most vet are very familiar with treated dogs and cats, and many will also treat rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, and other household pets. If you'd like to learn more about veterinary care, then plan on spending some time on this website. It's a good resource for any curious pet owner.



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Vet Care Shows You Care


Signs Your Pet Needs A Veterinarian Visit Between Checkups

As a responsible pet owner, keeping a watchful eye on your pet's health is important. Checkups help catch problems early before they become serious. However, you may find times when your pet requires immediate veterinary care between those checkups. Here are some signs that signal your pet needs a special vet visit. Changes in Eating Habits A sudden change in your pet's eating habits can indicate something is wrong. If your pet is normally eager for food but suddenly won't eat and misses several meals, call a veterinarian.

Reasons That Your Dog May Be In Shock

As a dog owner, one of the most upsetting things that you can witness is your dog in shock. As upsetting as this sight can be, it is important for you to be swift in dealing with the problem. You will want to remain calm, place your dog securely in your vehicle, and visit a local animal hospital. Shock, which has symptoms such as rapid breathing, vomiting, and a weak pulse, indicates that your dog is in serious distress that may be life-threatening.