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Vet Care Shows You Care

Watch For Signs That Your Cat Could Have Ringworm

by Elijah Romero

You might have heard of ringworm and perhaps even been aware of a family member or friend who has suffered from this fungal infection. What you might not realize, however, is that pets can also develop ringworm. If you have a cat, it's important to monitor the animal for signs of ringworm. This is especially true if the animal roams freely outside, as you won't be aware of what things the pet gets exposed to. Upon seeing one or more signs of ringworm, you should plan to visit your local animal hospital to seek treatment for the cat. Here are some common signs of ringworm.

Bald Spots 

Ringworm is a skin infection that causes significant itchiness. When your cat has ringworm in a specific area, it will scratch at the area in an attempt to reduce the itch. Excessive scratching can often cause the animal's hair to fall out. You may notice one or more bald spots on your cat, which can be a sign that it's suffering from ringworm. Pay special attention to the animal at times when it appears to be scratching or licking itself more than usual. You may notice a bald area upon taking a closer look.

Skin Redness

Ringworm doesn't always cause your cat to lose its hair in an area, but it will always result in skin irritation. When you're petting your cat, keep an eye on the appearance of its skin. You can often see the skin as you gently move the hair to one side. If ringworm is present, the skin will have a reddish hue. In severe cases, the area can appear very red and slightly swollen. This is a good warning sign of the presence of ringworm.

Heavy Dander 

Many things can cause a cat to have more dander than usual. It's possible that you've occasionally noticed a buildup of dander on your cat's hair — something that can especially be easy to spot on a dark-colored animal. If you're suddenly aware of a surplus of dander, this could be a warning sign that your cat has ringworm. The skin irritation that this fungal infection causes will often result in the skin flaking away. This can especially be true if your cat is vigorously scratching at itself. Contact your local animal hospital, explain what you've noticed, and set an appointment to visit so that your cat can receive the care that it requires.

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