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Vet Care Shows You Care

Warning Signs Of Internal Bleeding In Your Pet

by Elijah Romero

A wide range of medical issues can cause your pet to bleed. While it's a concern if you notice visible bleeding in one part of the pet's body, you should also know that internal bleeding could be possible. A pet may bleed internally for many reasons, including as a result of acute injuries. If your pet is bleeding internally, it's important for you to visit an animal hospital to have a veterinarian assess the animal, determine the cause of the bleeding, and treat the issue. Here are some warning signs that can suggest your pet is bleeding internally. 

Abdominal Swelling

A pet that is bleeding internally can often experience abdominal swelling. This issue can usually be easy to spot if you're vigilant about assessing your pet's appearance. You can notice abdominal swelling when your pet is standing or lying down. If your pet has long hair, abdominal swelling may be a little more difficult to spot. In many cases, however, you can actually feel the swelling when you gently place your hand on your pet's body. Regardless of what is causing the internal bleeding, you can expect that the abdominal swelling is causing discomfort to the animal and will require prompt care.

Gum Color Change

A good way to assess whether your pet might be bleeding internally is to check the appearance of its gums. While the look of a pet's gums will vary from breed to breed, you should be accustomed to seeing a pinkish color. When an animal is suffering from internal bleeding, its gums will often lighten in color. They may appear very light pink or even slightly gray. If you have a dog that lets you touch its mouth, it's fairly easy to lift the animal's mouth when it's lying down and take a look at the appearance of the gums.

General Weakness

A pet's internal bleeding can often be evident because of the animal's general weakness. While there are a number of health issues that can result in an animal's weakness, internal bleeding may be present if you've noticed the animal acting in a weak manner and are also aware of one or more of the above symptoms. You may notice the pet's weakness at many different times of the day. For example, if the pet is usually full of energy in the morning, but acts uncharacteristically tired and doesn't want to get out of bed, this can be a concern. Take your pet to a local animal hospital if you suspect it's bleeding internally.

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